"A magnetic north for any Cinephiliac"

- Lana and Andy Wachowski (The Matrix / V For Vendetta / Cloud Atlas)


The stars come out at IFS Film Festival in Beverly Hills.
IFS festival honorees and guests include: Paul Thomas Anderson, David Cronenberg, Eric Bogosian, Malcolm McDowell, Eva Longoria, Brandy, Nile Rodgers, Julianne Moore, Karen Gillan, Jessica Chastain, Peter Coyote, Alicia Witt, Fred Willard, Jane Seymour, Tom Arnold, Danny Trejo, Mischa Barton, Rex Lee, Ed Asner, Mary Lynn Rajskub, and Illeana Douglas.

IFS Film Fest premiere events include the dramatic thriller ROAR (starring Tippi Hedren with daughter Melanie Griffith and husband Noel Marshall, producer of The Exorcist), retrospectives on the filmed performances of Eric Bogosian and the animated work of Mark Andres, as all as event screenings of Atom Egoyan's Ararat, Paul Thomas Anderson's Inherent Vice, and David Cronenberg's Map To The Stars.

Recent guests and honorees include Lars von Trier, Harmony Korine, James Franco, Teri Polo, Kenneth Anger, Curtis Armstrong, Amber Tamblyn, Tom Sizemore, Campbell Scott, David Cross, Kevin Corrigan, James Earl Jones, Lauren Holly, Maz Jobrani, Jim Jefferies, Catherine McCormack, C. Thomas Howell, Doug Jones, Lana and Andy Wachowski, and many more!

Nobutaka Yamaoka Retrospective
IFS Monthly Showcases are proud to exhibit our major retrospective of 7 feature films from brilliant Japanese director Nobutaka Yamaoka. These films will be shown as individual as part of the IFS Monthly Showcase. These philosophical Sci-Fi masterpieces otherwise unavailable with English subtitles anywhere in the world.

Tickets for screenings will go on sale at the Laemmle Beverly Hills Music Hall Box Office & Eventbrite on May 30th. Check back for more info.

The IFS Film Festival looks to be another tremendous event this year. Submit to the IFS Showcases & IFS Screening Event season.

Independent Film Screening Events

IFS promotes independent filmmaking with IFS Film Screening Events at our IFS Screening Rooms and at other Los Angeles venues. IFS also supports film screenings and events by local cinema groups, including: Laemmles Theaters, & Artsploitation Films.

Check out our IFS Monthly Film Showcase page to see upcoming events from IFS and our friends:

Featured Upcoming Independent Film Showcases

July 26th Little Murders 9:00 pm
Aug 30th The Shooting 9:00 pm
Sept 6th After The Fox 9:00 pm
Oct 18th Fool For Love 9:00 pm
Nov 22nd The Creeper / Rituals 7:00 pm
Nov 22nd Night of The Living Dead 9:00 pm
Dec 6th Lain 9:00 pm
Dec 20th Hard Boiled 9:00 pm

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Nobu Yamaoka Retrospective at the Independent Filmmakers Showcase

July 26th Pickled Punk 11:00 pm
Aug 30th Zeki, Florian, & Kelly 11:00 pm
Sept 6th Planet Megadolce 11:00 pm
Oct 18th Children Who Wont Die 11:00 pm
Nov 22nd Planet Megadolce 11:00 pm
Dec 20th Pigs Inferno 11:00 pm

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Student Filmmakers Showcase

Monthly film screenings & reception for the best in student filmmaking.

June 17th New Film Spotlight Dir. Trenton Willey 8:00 pm
July 17th Short Works - Cal Arts Various 8:00 pm

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IFS Screenplay Competition

The IFS is committed to the discovery and growth of new talent in every aspect of filmmaking. Submit your screenplay or teleplay today to the Independent Filmmakers Showcase Screenplay Competition and have your script read by current and former entertainment journalists and industry professionals. Coverage and Analysis available.

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