Tuesday, Sept 6 | Noon - 4:00pm


Director: Alexander Tuschinski 


2021 Best Dramatic Feature Film

2021 Best Director

Wandering around Paris, a man contemplates why his relationship broke apart, ...in this quirky and unusual film about a European relationship gone sour. This feature deftly combines drama with off-beat humor, featuring subtle and authentic ensemble acting, a moody new original soundtrack, and an associative fast-editing style; with everything coming together to form a singularly memorable experience for the viewer.

"Fetzenleben" is the most recent film from Alexander Tuschinski, a true legend of underground and comedic cinema, who is now focusing on dark, raw, and contemplative dramatic themes in a feature-length project for the first time in his unique career. This is an L.A. Film Fest event not to be missed.

World Premiere


Sept 6th Regal Cinemas L.A. Live

Songs Of Little Saigon

Director: James Rael


2021 BEST SCORE 1st Runner Up

Songs of Little Saigon is a documentary about Vietnamese Americans whose musical talent, hope and resilience propelled the rebuilding of their lives in Southern California after fleeing a war-torn Vietnam.

Los Angeles Premiere


Sept 6th Regal Cinemas L.A. Live

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Dream Conspiracy

Director: Lynette Jones


A Female Combat Veteran after joining a Veterans support group, finds herself in the middle of a dark experimental drug ring that causes her to fight another war that takes place in her dreams.

Los Angeles Premiere


Sept 6th Regal Cinemas L.A. Live

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