Day 5

Kid Kapichi: "Thugs"

Director: James Green 


In an exaggerated dystopian vision of middle England, an evil family prepare for their annual Fox Hunt, however, this time around the family leader has plans to target other outcasts within society...

A dark, comedic narrative music video for the rising UK band, Kid Kapichi.

It's based on a tongue-in-cheek political theme, styled with a retro B-Movie aesthetic.

IFS L.A. Film Festival Premiere

Day 5

Geneva Jacuzzi's Casket

Director: Chris Friend 


This film is a futuristic head-trip, set in 2066AD, Los Angeles.

"A girl and her Pleasure-U BioDrone in a world purely driven by the idea of hacking and controlling emotions and pleasures, what can go wrong?" -Alexandra Dahnovskaya

World Premiere

Day 5

Pattie Lin: "Ride"

Director: Wendy Wang 


When you look in the mirror, what do you see? The song "Ride" by Pattie Lin questions the concept of reality and our ability to become unstuck from our minds. Directed by Wendy Wang and featuring a cast of talented stunt actors and actresses from Los Angeles, this music video explores the boundaries between good and evil. Join us on our action-packed quest to uncover the truth.

World Premiere

Day 5


Director: Axel Cosnefroy (as fish tank) & Antoine Poulet (as Giant) 



This experimental film seeks to be both a performance recording and a visual experiment.

The directors want to show the power and grace of the/her body, and in parallel both the effort and pain.

Marion Gautier De Charnacé is a dancer at the Opera de Paris. She embodies the character with her personal brand of visual stamina and musical introspection. The filmmakers alternate between wide locked shots and extreme close-up ones as emotions change, as glances are cast. The audience is invited to scrutinize her moves, her steps, as the filmmakers detail her slightest tremors.

The handheld camera seeks to be as close to her as possible, physically, mentally…

World Premiere

Day 5


Director: Jonathan Barenboim 



This documentary film CYCLES follows two young black men, Rell and EJ, who are motorcycle stunt riders hailing from Compton and Watts, California, respectively.

At its core, this film is an intimate story about two unlikely friends, as well as the prevalent cycle of incarceration in their community, and what that has created within both of their lives, ...and how they each deal with the personal ramifications of it all.

Directed by Jonathan Barenboim is an Argentine-American director, based in Los Angeles, CA.

World Premiere

Day 5