1. You must be 18 years of age or older to enter any Independent Filmmakers Showcase competition (or have a parent/guardian submit on your behalf).
  2. The Independent Filmmakers Showcase reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.
  3. Entries in our competitions are void where prohibited by law.
  4. Films submitted to the Independent Filmmakers Showcase (IFS) must not have major distribution in the United States of America.
  5. Entry fees must be paid in U.S. dollars before films will be viewed.
  6. Please note festival dates are subject to change.
  7. All decisions of the judges, readers, and screeners are final.
  8. Independent Filmmakers Showcase is not responsible for films stolen, missing, or lost in transit
  9. All screening times and venues are subject to delay or change
  10. By submitting to the Independent Filmmakers Showcase, all listed creators authorize the submission.
  11. In submitting your work to the Independent Filmmakers Showcase you are admitting that your entry is your original work, and does not infringe on the copyright or other rights of other people.
  12. Any filmmaker or member of a film entourage causing a disruption or acting aggressively, disrespectfully or threateningly to any of the volunteer staff or employees of the festival may have their film pulled from exhibition at any time without refund.
  13. If your film wins an IFS Award or an Audience Choice award, you are required to mention that fact in future posters and other promotional material if and when the film gets distribution.
  14. In the event of multiple authors of an award or prize-winning work, awards and prizes will be divided equally among listed creators.
  15. The IFS does not provide room, board or travel for filmmakers.
  16. Selected films receive two complementary passes for the event they have entered; good for the entire day their film is screened. Attendees must purchase any additional days and tickets.
  17. Film Submissions are non-returnable. Please do not send original materials


All films submitted to IFS are watched in their entirety and scored by three screeners and programmers who are members of the Independent Filmmakers Showcase.  The films that have the highest G.P.A or are a championed by a programmer or screener go on to final deliberation and democratic vote by the IFS Board of Directors and the IFS Program Director.  No film is offered early acceptance or offered fee waivers, and no film is selected without going through our judging process. We do look at films given to us as recommendations by other festivals; but those films still need to enter during our deadlines and pay the requisite fees. All decisions of the judges, readers, and screeners are final.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding Independent Filmmakers Showcase please contact us by e-mail. But we recommend first checking out our Ultimate Film Festival F.A.Q. for the answers to most IFS questions.

By using the Independent Filmmakers Showcase website, or by attending or submitting to any IFS events (including but not limited to our Film Festivals, Showcases, Screenplay Competition, and series of Spotlight Showcases) you are admitting that you have read, understood and agreed to follow our Terms of Use and agree to abide by our Terms and Conditions of service, including any rules, regulations, and guidelines