About the IFS Feedback option


What sets Independent Filmmakers Showcase apart from other film showcases and festivals is our history as a film think-tank and our commitment to supporting and nurturing talent. The IFS tries to do everything in our power to make our events and series as friendly and beneficial for filmmakers as possible.


The IFS wants filmmakers to succeed, from helping films finding audiences and distribution to gaining knowledge that makes their next film better.


Submitting to film festivals can be alienating process, with no idea why a film was or was not chosen. To help filmmakers get a better idea of the views of film screeners and to attempt to be a more open and transparent festival, this season we are offering a new option to filmmakers.


Every film we receive is first pre-screened by three festival programmers and the films with the highest grades are then entered to be judged and voted on by the IFS Board & our Programming Directors to see what makes the final festival program.


For an additional fee of $20.00 per submission we are offering to send filmmakers the grades and mini-reviews given to their work by our three pre-screeners. This is done in the hope that this feedback may help filmmakers see their work with an outside eye.


The Independent Filmmakers Showcase reminds submitters that all feedback comes from a sincere desire to help, and while feedback can be an excellent way to get a sense of others opinions, at the end of the day each creator has to use their own logic and instincts to complete the work they alone will be judged by.


All grades and judgments from any of our screeners or judges are final and non-negotiable. The IFS staff cannot get pulled into debates between our screeners and filmmakers if any opinions differ about submitted work.


Our feedback option is only limited to films submitted to our IFS Film Festival & IFS Independent and Student Film Showcases and is only available to films submitted for our Regular and Late Deadlines.






Short Film with Feedback

(under 40 Mins)

Regular Deadline May 18 – Sep 28
Late Deadline Sep 29 – Dec 10
Final Deadline Not Available


Feature Film with Feedback

(over 40 Mins)

Regular Deadline May 18 – Sep 28
Late Deadline Sep 29 – Dec 10
Final Deadline Not Available

*Feedback to be received by Apr 7 2024*
*Feedback not available after Late Deadline*



  1. Please read the guidelines and contest rules and regulations as well as the IFS Terms, Conditions, Rules & Regulations 
  2. Choose your category of submission.
  3. Submit via GoogleCheckout or Withoutabox
  4. If Using GoogleCheckout, please fill out the following submission form



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