1. Choose the Category of Submission you wish to enter your film in and make note of the submission fees for that category.
  2. Submit your film.
  3. If submitting via GoogleCheckout, please complete the GoogleCheckout Submission Form.
  4. Once you have completely paid the submission fees for your deadline and submitted your form via GoogleCheckout or through Withoutabox you will need to send the Independent Filmmakers Showcase a DVD copy of your film.
  5. DVD Screeners must be sent on
    1. DVD+/DVD- video  
    2. Region 0 or 1
    3. NTSC
    4. Subtitled in English or dubbed in English
    5. Or submit by secure online screener via Withoutabox.
  6. Screener DVDs and DVD packaging (if any) should be clearly marked with:
    1. Name Of Film
    2. COMPLETE Tracking number issued by Withoutabox or GoogleCheckout
    3. Running Time
    4. Contact info (including email and telephone)
  7. Mail your Screener DVD to:

    Independent Filmmakers Showcase
    Film Festival Submissions
    225 South Olive Suite 101 - 121
    Los Angeles, CA 90012


  9. Please send DVDs in a STANDARD FLAT RATE or smaller envelope, to save space and create less waste.
  10.  Do not send mail that needs to be signed for.
  11.  Do not send cash.
  12.  All submission fees are non-refundable.
  13.  DVD Preview Screeners and DVD Exhibition Copy Screeners will not be returned under any circumstances.
  14.  Please check your listed email and the IFS website on days surrounding the date listed for the acceptance notification for the category of your submission to see if you have been accepted to the festival, showcase, or screening that you film was submitted for.
  15.  As soon as you are aware that you have been accepted please send an Exhibition Copy DVD in the same formats and same mailing process and to the same address you sent your screener copy.
  16.  This “Exhibition Copy” will be automatically assumed to be ready for screening without any adjustments.
  17.  If we do not have an Exhibition Copy of your film one week prior to any scheduled screening, we will screen using the sent Screener Copy, so it is advised that you send an Exhibition Copy as your Screener DVD if at all possible.
  18.  The type of DVD sent for initial submission (Screener Copy or Exhibition-Ready Copy) in no way effects the judging of your film and does not effect the probability that your film will or will not be accepted to the IFS, but an Exhibition-Ready Copy sent as your initial Screener DVD may help to ensure a better screening experience if it is accepted, no matter what postal or other issues that may arise.
  19.  A digital press kit with .jpeg still photos and/or a 1-2 min trailer of the film submitted is requested and will greatly help in the promotion of your film if selected, but it is not required and does not effect how your film will be judged.
  20. Films submitted before the Early Bird Deadline or after the LATE Deadline are ineligible for our IFS Feedback option.
  21. Entries must be mailed and postmarked by the applicable Entry Deadline date.


Please also read our IFS Film Submission Rules & Regulations and the IFS Terms & Conditions