In addition to our weeklong IFS Film Festival the Independent Filmmakers Showcase also has semi-monthly Independent Film Showcases and Student Film Showcases as well as our 12 other Spotlight Showcases each year.

Our Spotlight Showcases are specifically focused on one type, style or genre of film and we screen the best submissions for that style of film and offer awards for the best submissions in that particular area of filmmaking. Films that win awards at our Spotlight Showcases are also eligible for consideration for inclusion at the annual IFS Film Festival. For filmmakers that don’t mind the idea of a possible additional screening in front of a smaller audience, or just missed the deadlines for the IFS Film Festival and don’t mind submitting today for the chance at a screening in a few months and consideration in next years IFS Fest, submitting your film to an IFS Spotlight Showcase is a great choice. With fewer submissions then for the IFS Festival, some otherwise unrecognized often films get a chance to be featured at our Spotlight Showcases.